Get Real, Get Natural

There are solutions available for all your skin and haircare needs — natural cosmetics, naturally made! Burt’s Bees products are popular with people across the country. For reasons of health, environment, affordability, and, of course, looking good, these high-quality body care products are fabulous for a variety of reasons! Everyone knows that “you are what

Paprika, the Woman, Not the Spice

Yes, you heard me. There’s a woman named Paprika – Paprika Steen to be exact. Many film enthusiasts would deem her a rare gem from Denmark, continually turning out tour-de-force onscreen performances. Her native Denmark regards her as “the” actress of our times. Others have regarded her as the Danish-American Meryl Streep. No matter how

Spice Up Your Haunted House With Stage Makeup

Quality stage makeup isn’t just for theater productions anymore. Some people spend all year dreaming up prize-winning Halloween costumes and for them stage makeup is a key part of their transformations from regular people to fascinating creatures. There are all kinds of affordable makeup lines available at reputable online costume shops. Fake blood, prosthetics, clown

2018: The Beauty Trends of the Year

Our complete guide to the year’s biggest trends in beauty. Take charge with pink’s new attitude, go all the way with eyeliner and master the runway’s natural, luminous complexion. TREND 1: Pink, Pink, Pink It’s official pink has stormed the beauty and fashion establishments as the colour of the year. This new wave of pink

Get the Look: Bring on Bright

It’s playful, it’s light, it’s a nice, bright move into a more light-hearted look for makeup. From the primary to the pastel, vivid colour will be HUGE this season, whilst petal-soft lips take a supporting role. Wear your bright pastel shades in ‘blocks’ on the eyelids or washed in the inner ‘v’ of the eyes

Meet Perricone MD’s Kella England

Our NYC Correspondent visited Dr Perricone’s Madison Ave Flagship store and sat down with  Sales Director Kella England to learn more about the brand… Mecca: For those who are new to Perricone MD, can you tell us about your brand philosophy? Kella: An anti-inflammatory lifestyle supports Inner health which results in outer beauty and radiant

Aloe Vera Products Heal the Body

Aloe vera products have been widely used for different healing purposes for hundreds of years. There are many different aloe vera products available on the market today such as aloe vera juice and drink, aloe gel and lotion, aloe shampoo and conditioner, aloe body wash, cleansing bar, and aloe vera spray. Click Here for a

What Are Printable Coupons

Wise consumers are saving from 10% up to more than 50% on purchases using online coupons and coupon codes. There are several sites on the World Wide Web where individuals can join mailing lists, newsletters, and programs. Using an online method reduces the use of paper and the destruction of trees. Discounts can be loaded

Which Treatment Is Right For You

More and more men and women are becoming concerned with hair loss. It might be the case that as more and more hair prevention techniques emerge, more and more people are aware that they might have options for controlling their hair loss. A quick search on the Internet readily brings up a whole plethora of

The Creative Power Of Beauty Products

My fascination and love for beauty products began at an early age. As a child, I remember spending hours watching my grandmother apply her makeup. I stared in awe as she transformed each feature into an elegant statement of beauty. I wanted to know the power of makeup, to experience it, harness it, and use

Distributing Quality Beauty Products

With today’s store shelves stocked full of various beauty products, keeping beauty simple can seem like a daunting task. How do you know which products are made from quality ingredients? How do you know which type of cosmetic products suit your needs? If you have entrepreneurial blood running through your veins, you may even be

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Make more room for yourself with this powerful hair dryer by Jerdon. It’s considered to be the best blow dryer according to Monica’s list. The sturdy construction of this wall mounted hair dryer allows you to attach the unit – hotel style – to your bathroom wall for ultimate convenience.

Get the Look: Wow Brows

2018 has heralded the return of the brow. Long forgotten on the fashion scene, brows are coming back bigger and bolder than ever – claiming their place on catwalks from New York to London, Paris to Milan…. Why? Defined brows have a soft strength to frame the eyes with a quiet confidence. Once you bring

Health Benefits Of Dance Class

Cheerleading and dance class may be a subject of reality television and popular movies but neither of these mediums really examines the benefits of regular dance, particularly the health benefits. Not only are dance and cheer practice fun activities for young people, they also promote self-confidence. Here are a few other benefits to consider. Endurance

MSFW 2018 Mecca Cosmetica Runway Roundup: Day 8

THE LOOK: Palm Spring Chic THE DESIGNERS: Charlie Brown, Feathers, Franks, Limedrop, Maidenlove, Seafolly, Wayne Cooper, We Are Handsome. The final look for MSFW 2018 was bright, bronzed and illuminated. Kenneth shares his artistry-how to for getting a sun-kissed beauty look ready for summer. How would you describe this look? “This girl is the personification

Natural Skin Care

For many people, natural skin care is the only way to go. Your skin is one of your most important assets. Like your face, your skin is always out there for the world to see. If it is dry, flakey or ridden with sunspots, then something must be done to treat these problems. The longer

Aloe Vera Guide

Here at Aloe Vera Gel Guide, we intend to share with you some factual information regarding the Aloe plant, benefits that are derived from it and more. For the past thousands of years, fresh Aloe vera gel from the leaves of the Aloe vera L. plant (also referred to as Aloe barbadensis) has been applied