Bathrooms: The Heart of Your Home

There is no single space more important to the comfort of your home or that determines the quality of your stay there more so than your bathroom. This is a sacred space and perhaps the most important place when it comes to you coming home and saying, “honey I’m home,” and really meaning it. We all want this to be a really special place, and want it to be an amazing experience, but we often lack the ware with all or, lets face it, the budget to make sure we can make sure our design is clean as well as potent. So what is a guy to do ? Well, that is why you called in the big guns, sit back and take a look at what we have in store for you.

If you have the budget and time to renovate your bathroom this is going to be a big investment because there is a lot of really expensive labors and materials that are going to go into the final product if it is really going to stand out as special. So before you start make your self a wish list of everything you wish would exist in an ideal bathroom and rank them from most important to you to least important to you. Then make a budget of what you are willing to spend in order to make those dreams a reality. After that go down your list and find a range of what you have at each additional thing when going down the list. The idea being is that you will know ahead of time what will make the cut and what will not, and it will give you the best bathroom you can considering your predetermined budget. `If you ever need some good old fashion inspiration when it comes to getting your glam on in the ca-mode then reading up on the latest bathroom trends can really help you get on track in terms of general themes as well as cost estimation and time.

One thing that is really hot right now in your bathroom this last year has been the use of timber and wood patterns within the bathroom. It does seem pretty stupid when you consider the damage that is done to wood from water and the inevitability of moisture in your bathroom, but when it comes to the most soothing material in the world there is no doubt that it is wood. And there is no place that people want to get their chill on more than in their toilet port. So the key is to make sure that the wood is treated to handle it and then treated a little more for safe measure. Another life hack would be the reality that you can get the same affect a lot of the times by getting really convincing wood patterned things for you and your home for not so much money and that is going to make a big difference when you are going over the final budget in the bathroom.

Best Appliance Deals This Summer

 The Consumer reports appliance rating is perhaps the most robust and through of any such metric on the market  today. It can leap you to the top performing appliances on the market without fail. These most of the time refer to your dishwasher and refrigerator. Their reliability and charts are second to none all the while they aim to help you find the brands that are least likely to break down which is the biggest thing in my opinion, because who gives a damn how good your washing machine is if it breaks down after only a couple of uses. So lets face it we can go around and figure out exactly what is the best product for you and your family to buy, but if you do not make the right decision on where to buy it from you could be looking at some big time dollar losses, I’m talking in the hundreds and no one wants that, no matter how rich you are because you feel as if you are getting duped.

To guide you in this decision making process the National Research Center asked about 56 thousand subscribers about their experience purchasing more than 80 thousand major and small home appliances from the fall of 2014 through the fall of 2015. This is without doubt the most robust sample size of this kind. The survey found lots of insightful things and looking into the major home centers like Lowe’s Home Depot and Sears which did the most business in 2015.

What they found is that for the most part everything is negotiable and when it comes to buying your next home appliance haggling pays of. In the minds of most consumers it doesn’t seem like this could be the case, and as we found just about 14 percent of all appliance buyers tried to negotiate a better price with their purchase. Among these major appliance shoppers who did in fact haggle those who succeeded saved an average of about 120 dollars. Simply asking for a better price will likely get you one. So seize the day and although it can be awkward you should just go for it and get the deal you want.

Another important finding was that although the big box stores ranked in the lions share of the more than 27 billion dollar a year industry of appliance sales from 2015, mom and pop stores haven’t disappeared entirely. They are still a great way to go if you are trying to look for a more hands on shopping experience. From start to finish. And they are willing to negotiate more easily because they are in a position where they are more closely aware of how things work and what to expect if they do or do not give it to you at the price described.

Finally one thing that was pretty surprising was that you should consider skipping the extended warranty. We’ve all been there and we don’t want to be in no mans land when it comes to a broken appliance but the studies show is that you are not actually going to benefit from the investment.

A Little Fun for your Morning Routine

In seems like in the past years there has been a kind of general leveling in our culture and the distinctions that constitute the meaningful distinctions in our culture and society at large. There is a general hunger to determine how we can display ourselves as genially unique and special within this context considering we all have the same things and tend to use them the same way. One product that is just reaching the market encapsulates this trend fully and its a funny sign of the times. It is perhaps the culmination of millennial tech hyper irony weird culture and you’ll get it right when you hear the name: the selfie toaster. This is an appliance that indefinably brands its owner’s mug onto images onto a slice of bread. The toaster uses custom heating inserts that can thus craft from a submitted head shot photograph  A subjects entire facial details are thus converted into twin head shot photography systems. The detail is also incredible, it allows you to not only your image, but it is displayed with total shading capabilities and given the variability of bread and its recreation to heat there allows a wide array of corals and hues you can achieve of your face place. Its an all around fun product, its not going to change the world and who knows what will follow but the door is open and people like it, so you can imagine that they are going to be more products like this in the near future. One on the horizon is the ifoam or Ief. We have all seen the intricate art that is displayed at some of the more sheek coffee shops for you when you order a cappuccino or other foamed drink. That is all well and good, but people want that everyday but lack the technical skill or complexity to do so. The Ief is a way to have many programmed imaged and opensource patterns sutured into your drink with ease. You can upload your own images if you choose, but the only problem with this is that you will never be able to have the technical execution to make a convincing face or detailed real life image in this way. When we remember what these images are usually like it makes a lot more sense, well see a pumpkin counterattack in our pumpkin spice mortician or a snowman in our hot cocoa, all of which are pretty simple images, but you are never going to see anything beyond that level of complexity. That said these babies are selling like hotcakes. Which brings me to my next topic: hotcakes. As you can imagine where this next entice is headed there is a platform which allows you to have your customization waffle iron. A start up out of cedar rapids is allowing you to send them an image they then forge into shape for you to make your waffles look like there after. Although the level of detail is great you lake the ability to make more than one image, which is seen by some as a real bummer.

New Concepts in Appliance Retail

Home retailer Pirch recently expanded into the New York appliance market with a SoHo showroom that opened just a few weeks back. The showroom is a new addition to a network of eight locations across the United States, where Pirch sells high-end kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, and even outdoor appliances meant to create a unique environment for buyers’ homes.

pirch2According to Pirch, their new retail model makes it possible for consumers to test out their appliances before purchasing them, allowing homeowners a “test drive” experience with their potential appliances.

Many of these appliances have been crafted by sector leaders such as Sub-Zero, Kalamazoo and Wolf. The appliances can be used directly in the interactive showrooms.

Pirch SoHo will make a host of interactive spaces and kitchen areas in their 32,000 square foot showroom, which will cover three floors in a former ironworks building. Customers can interact directly with the appliances that interest them by entering into any of 30 Ikea-like interactive vignettes.

Because people don’t buy themselves new home appliances every day, making it possible for potential buyers to see how an appliance functions in real-time rather than from a video demonstration or guesswork will make the choice easier and better-informed. At least, that’s the objective of Pirch.

For example, if a consumer wants to update his or her bathroom, they can test up to 40 different showerheads of even book a slot for a privates team shower in Pirch’s “Sanctuary,” an area of the showroom that the retailer calls its in-store home spa.

Pirch has even hired chefs to be on-hand whenever the showroom is open. The chefs conduct live cooking demos at the Evo Mongolian Grill and in its test kitchens, Savor and Patio. Buyers can even take complimentary cooking classes in order to educate consumers not only on featured appliances, but on new recipes that they can try at home.

Pirch’s showroom shows how the company has taken into account the fact that affluent homeowners like to integrate technology when it comes to their appliances. Pirch SoHo accordingly offers something called its Connected Loft, where new technologies are shown off in interactive loft apartment settings.

pirch3“More than an appliance retailer, at Pirch we believe in bringing joy, romance and fun back into shopping,” explained Jim Stuart, chairman/co-founder of Pirch. “Meaningful experiences are more important than business transactions. At Pirch, we encourage our guests to touch, feel and try out state-of-the-art offerings- the very investment pieces that in the end, will shape memories in their homes.”

Pirch’s retail model sets the company apart from other more basic appliance retailers like Sears; and its certainly an upgrade. However, there is a market for these fancy experiences, and Pirch isn’t the only high-end appliance retailer to take note.

The home furnishings brand L’Objet recently partnered with Dorchester Collection’s the Dorchester in London to transform a private dining room in the Dorchester into Salon L’Objet. The ornately decorated room provided a way for potential buyers to experience the collection first hand.

For a unique and enjoyable shopping experience, affluent New Yorkers would certainly be encouraged to check out the Pirch Soho for themselves.

Home Storage Solutions

Today the housing market is running out of control and it seems like we are getting less and less for our dollar when it comes to buying or renting a home. In order to combat this reality we need to either change the way we store our belongings and what is deemed necessary for keeping, or we are going to be in a very clustered and claustrophobic Space Saving Furniture: 19 Small Space Furniture Designsexistence that breeds inefficiency. We often think of this as were losing something or that we are getting ripped off if we consider going small. But the truth is no matter what your situation you can benefit from a more organized and streamlined existence. Not to mention this is becoming extremely fashionable and is the new cool. By going small you can do big things in terms of the comfort and appeal of your home or business. So come along as I show you a few ways you can really step your game up for cheap. Its all about knowing what improvements are right for you and your needs.

  1. The Hide Away Office:

This is a great improvement for multi use space in your home. We often have this fantasy of a home office that is tucked away in its own separate room. This is strange when you consider what is needed for the office of today, which is little more than a computer some desk space and basic office materials. All of this can store neatly in to a drawers. What I would suggest is that you have a Murphy style work surface that folds into the wall, and on the back is a mirror. Therefore, when you are looking at yourself in the mirror and considering yourself and impact on the world, you can in a moments notice pull down the desk and get to work. Plus this is beneficial because it is right in your common space and makes you feel that you do not need to miss out on time with your roommates or partner to get work down, and will probably be more likely to do it then.

Multi-Use Furniture:

This should be at the core of all of your design when considering a small and organized existence. With the differencelkj9 of uses of your rooms coming down to the slightly different arrangement of furniture you should think of making one space into several by allowing your furniture to be modal and changeable.

For instance, you can turn a stairway into a very sleek system of shelves by having a drawer fit into the dead space under each step. the same effect can occur when by accessing the dead space from the side, for a more book shelf feel.

Another cool way to not over purchaser for things is to have a window blind that doubles as a towel rack. This is great for drying as well and allows you to not need to get something that serves only one purpose. Now your power is also a blind.

Finally, consider tables that piece together like Lego’s and are module on two planes. Therefore, you can make any number of combinations to depending on the mood of the moment.


Best Rice Cooker in All of The Lands

Some may look at the term high end rice cooker as a kind of oxymoron. However in China a high end brand hit the market last April from the home appliance maker Midea and has created a wave of R&D electric cooker which are made in China and are poised for world domination. To Know what makes the perfect rice is a highly philosophical en devour which aims to get the quality of the thing itself and know above all others that this rice reigns supreme; any pot can cook a bowl of rice, but very few are able to make the perfect bowl of rice, and that is what motivated designer Patrick Lotilla to make the best rice in all of the lands. It took the Philapino national over 3 years of research and over $3 million dollars in research both in the lab and on polls and kitchens, but he says now with a confident grin that he has done it. To most lay men, they cannot tell the difference between a pretty good bowl of rice and an exceptional bowl of rice, and a that’s kind of the point. The fact that this is a high end thing that most people can’t really tell any difference about kind of drives the marketing point home, that what you are buying, more so than anything, is social esteem. adgdfg

“china-made rice cookers are now time tested, their high quality is specially designed for Chinese consumers… the latter have developed different needs in cooking rice, for example, they want the cooker to also make soup, so we have to develop products that can meet their various needs.” says patti.

The general manager of the Chinese based Midea’s consumer electric appliances division, said that in the second half of this year, the sales of a dingfu which induction heating of their rice instead of exceeded 100 million yuan. the rice cooker in american dollars on that scale means its about $460. It all starts with knowing the right appliance for you. 

The stakes have been raised and we are curious as to what will be the next frontier of this rice fad. We can wonder if there will be much of an uptick in their sales considering that this is a product that only most Chinese consumers would actually want. and considering the recent down tick in the Chinese ggeconomy we can assume people tightening up their pants not buying the crazy expensive consumer items they have been in the past. That being the case there will always be the market for the very rich to want the nicest things and who will remain largely unaffected by any economic down turn. And the product is just that, the best. There are very few reviews in the states because as we see not many people would even know where to begin when talking about high end rice, or even what makes a bowl of rice good for that matter. For instance there are several words in chinese that refer to the quality of rice that do not translate into English.

Knowing What Bathroom Upgrade Is Right For You

There is possibly no appliance we use that we have such an intimate and personal relationship as we do with our toilet. A bad toilet means a bad home and there are no two ways about it. No matter where you go, you’re gonna have to, well, go. There are so many dead ends and frustrations that go into buying a new toilet the task can seem daunting, so I’m happy to inform you that you came to right place, for the most comprehensive toilet guide. In order to get the right toilet you need to consider what makes a toilet superior ? Some think a toilet is just a simple fixture that lets you keep the poop out of your living quarters ? wrong ! a toilet is the catalyst to clean civilization and a vessel that ensures public health and safety. The toilets of today are no joke, and can actually work to save you money. Another thing to consider that is worth its weight more in gold is getting the toilet that is right for your size and height. All to often we settle for a toilet that isn’t suited for use and this can lead to discomfort and even injury. Getting a toilet that is fitted for your specific dimensions is actually a great way to improve your life for not too much money compared to other life style changes.

The most common problems we face as toilet users is some toilets and their lack of flushing power. When you really need a toilet to answer the call it all to often comes up short and you are left with the hastle of rectifying the situation. Most toilets today use about 1.6 gallons per flush, although most that guarantee a flush usually use about 3.5 gallons which is an astronomical amount of water. Luckily some have learned to bridge the gap. The trick is to allow for a higher rate of flow and water pressure to achieve the same quality of flush as some of the high flow toilets can provide for about a 1/10 of the water usage.

The first measurement you need to know when considering where you are going to make the new thrown is refereed to in the industry is the “rough in.” This refers to the distance that exists between your outlet pipe and the wall that’s behind your toilet. This is the distance that exists between your outlet pipe and the wall behind your toilet. Most homes have a standard rough in which is about 12 inches give or take 2 inches. pooOlder homes will likely have a rough in of about 10inches which is to be expected when considering. I know like this sounds like a lot of math, but here’s a little pro tip for your. Measure from the wall, not from an installed baseboard or wooden trim piece because that will affect your measurement and the overall quality of the toilet. Finally if you want to avoid all of this you can just go for the highest end toilet I have reviewed and save some time.

Appliances to Match Your European-Style Kitchen

There is a foreign and exciting quality to all things European, at least in the eyes of Americans. The charm and sophistication of European-style kitchens tend to be an object worth fawning over once you get to the states, where common tastes would lead you to the largest, ugliest and most inefficient options on the market.

Why is this, and how did this come to be? There’s a myriad of possible answers to this question, but perhaps the most all-encompassing reason behind the difference in European and American tastes will surprise you; in Europe, energy and space are more highly sought after.

eurapkitchenAmerica is known for its openness and copious living space as well as its immense sources of natural resources as well as the infrastructure to manipulate these resources. That means living spaces are larger and the energy used to power those living spaces is in higher supply for a lower price.

For this very reason, compact appliances rule the European domicile; there’s simply less space to begin with and more value in conserving what space there actually is. Thus the appreciation for small, compact, diminutive options that an American furnisher may overlook for the a larger appliance.

Energy efficiency is also much more appreciated in Europe than in the United States. Energy efficient dryers sell much better in Europe despite their tendency to hover about $300 higher than the standard dryer; electricity costs so much more in Europe that even the staggering upfront prices of their green appliances end up creating a payout along the line.

They also use something called heat pump dryers, which take twice as long to dry a load of laundry but also are twice as efficient as a standard clothes dryer. Again, the energy efficiency outweighs the time costs when your utilities bills are through the roof. Heat pump dryers may begin to make an appearance in U.S. markets and there are allegedly prototypes in the works. There is also some research being invested in microwave technology that would dry clothing similar to how electrical appliances heat food.

tiny applianceEurope is also known for being more environmentally conscious than the U.S., whose economic infrastructure has enough political lobbying power to slow the reaction to climate change. Because dryers in the U.S. use about 66 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy every year (which accounts for about six percent of the country’s entire energy usage), a lowly 10 percent increase in electric dryer efficiency would result in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by an astounding 7 million metric tons every year. These kinds of numbers would surely make waves in Europe, but unfortunately the American culture and political system has made it difficult for politicians to push for a green revolution.

That said, no matter where you are on the Earth, if you have access to a dry, hot day, you have access to the most energy efficient and compact clothes drying technology in the world: a clothes line allows you to dry all of your articles of clothing using only solar power and not a dime out of your wallet.

Problems? Could be the Sump Pump

Say you’ve got some basement flooding problems so you install a sump pump to remedy the situation. You might then develop sump pump problems, because that’s just how life is. There are a number of things that can go wrong with your sump pump, and probably one of them happened if you’re finding that the sump pump has become ineffective at preventing floods. Here’s a list to help you diagnose your sump pump’s problems.

sump pump2You may have a plugged screen. What does that mean? Well first consider that sump pumps have a small scree or opening through which the water flows that allows you avoid flooding. If this screen becomes clogged or blocked, the water won’t flow properly and your basement is likely going to flood.

Alternatively, there could be a switching problem. Switching problems are themselves caused by a variety of issues including that the sump pump’s switch could be lodged against the side of the basin or the basin inside the pump may have itself moved, leaving the switch totally useless. The switch could be debilitated due to debris becoming caught. Just take a look at the switch and see if it’s connected where it should be and if there’s any debris stuck on there.

Now say there’s a frozen sump pump drainage pipe causing you issues. This is likely if you live in ac old climate where the temperature commonly dips below freezing. Check is the drainage pipe outside your house has become frozen and install a stop that redirects the drainage so that the water can eat the house before reaching the frozen drainage pipe if this is indeed your issue.

sump pump3It may be that the whole issue stems from a tripped electrical circuit breaker. All home appliances use energy that traces back to you home’s circuit breaker, and if there’s some kind of short circuit or issue in the flow of electricity in your house, the circuit breaker may end up tripping the circuit in order to avoid an electrical fire. Sump pumps are always located near water, so be sure that the outlet is projected by a ground fault interrupter to avoid this issue.

What if you have a noisy sump pump? That sound that you’re hearing is known as water hammering. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the sump pump, but you can do something about it. You can just install a quieter check valve to reduce the noise all you need.

If there seems to be an issue with your sump pump not covered here, either check your owner’s manual or go online to the sump pump manufacturer’s website and see what troubleshooting processes might be appropriate for you to experiment with. If it’s still unclear and you feel that the issue may be rooted in electrical issues, just bite the bullet and either buy a new sump pump or hire an electrician before you end up taking the thing apart and potentially setting the stage for an electrical short that could do some serious damage to your body.

Meet the Toto Washlet

Bidet lovers in American parts will be happy to hear about the Toto Washlet, a Japan-based invention that allows for bidet attachments to be installed onto the standard porcelain throne.

toto washlet2Four different models are available in the U.S. for costs ranging from just under $900 to over $2,200. Even the base model of this handy little invention takes toilet time to a new height; the least expensive C110 has rear- and front-cleansing options, water pressure and temperature control, and- this is the kicker- a heated seat. What bells and whistles could possibly be added to the $2,200 model? The S400 actually has a warm-air drying feature, an automatic air purifier, an auto-flush option, and much, much more.

Toto Washlet features can even be customized to the customer’s liking.

Some Americans may be wondering, why even “upgrade” to this European luxury? Well, bidet lovers will swear it’s more hygienic and worth the money. And they’re not just commonplace in Europe; plenty of places in Asia and the Middle East take bidets for granted and are grossed out by the prospect of going without it. For many, our bidet-less state is one of the many aspects of culture shock to which immigrants must grow accustomed.

…unless they opt into the Toto Washlet. The Washlet replaces standard American toilet seats and can be used with many different brands. If you’re dying for one and unsure whether or not it will work in your bathroom, check out the manufacturer’s site. It has information regarding what kind of Washout will fit on what kind of toilet, and includes round and elongated shapes that are made to fit one- and two-piece toilets.

toto washlet3The toilet’s parts include the heated seat and lid which attach to your toilet, the water filter and drain that attach behind the unit to supply water to the spray wand, the water supply hose that connects the unit’s water supply port to the water source at the rear of the toilet, the jet spray wand that sits beneath the lid and sprays water upwards on command, and the control panel or remote control, which can be located next to the unit or on the wall depending on the model and allows for users to control when water streams happen as well as the pressure and temperature of the water.

The toilet even has a self-cleaning nozzle; it cleans the wand by passing through a sheet of water as it extends, and then again as it retracts.

For a decent fit, the original toilet must have 1.75 inches of space between its front tank and where the seat bolts would go. There also must be a grounded electrical outlet within 3 feet of the toilet so you can plug it in and enjoy its seat warming features. Installation instructions are included in the unit, so you can try your hand at fitting the thing on yourself or call up the plumber.

On top of its increased functionality, the Toto Washout asserts that its use is actually more environmentally friendly than the use of a standard American toilet. It removes the need for the annual use of 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper by Americans, i.e. it saves 15 million trees. Producing soft ply also uses more than 473 million gallons of water, plus packaging and shipping requires energy as well. TP use is also detrimental to sewer systems.