The Creative Power Of Beauty Products

My fascination and love for beauty products began at an early age. As a child, I remember spending hours watching my grandmother apply her makeup. I stared in awe as she transformed each feature into an elegant statement of beauty. I wanted to know the power of makeup, to experience it, harness it, and use it for myself.

She instilled in me a passion for creating and transforming through makeup. There is something simply intoxicating about perfectly painted red lips. To glance at the dark eyes that smolder in the evening candlelight is wonderful.

Makeup lets us create and instill a little bit of fantasy and glamour into our lives. We can envision the look whether natural, smoky, or fun; and through beauty products translate those looks into reality. The canvas is our face and the brushes bring the color to life.

The Beauty of Women

Working as a makeup artist has taught me a valuable lesson. I have seen the great beauty in women. A beauty that lies much deeper, that is only accentuated by beauty products. Makeup should be just that, an enhancement to the features we already have.

The key to loving makeup must begin by accepting and loving who we are. To draw out features we love and cover occasional small imperfections. It is not a mask we hide behind but should be used to enhance our beauty.

Healthy Skin Our Greatest Asset

The greatest beauty asset we have is our confidence and our skin. For this reason, it is so important to ensure we are using the best skin care. When your skin is radiant and healthy less makeup is needed to achieve a flawless look.

Make sure that your basic skin care routine includes cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and the occasional treatment. The key to proper care is using the correct products for your skin type, and implementing a routine you will actually do. Skin care is not a twelve step program, nor should it be. Simplicity is the key.

Prevention is the most crucial aspect of skin care. You will have your skin your entire life, what you do now will affect how it looks in 20 years. Take steps to protect your skin by utilizing proper sun protection. Your diet, lifestyle habits, exercise, and smoking will all be large contributors to the condition of your skin.