Spice Up Your Haunted House With Stage Makeup

Quality stage makeup isn’t just for theater productions anymore. Some people spend all year dreaming up prize-winning Halloween costumes and for them stage makeup is a key part of their transformations from regular people to fascinating creatures. There are all kinds of affordable makeup lines available at reputable online costume shops. Fake blood, prosthetics, clown makeup and more can turn the average Halloween character into a real crowd pleaser.

If you’ve ever entered a costume contest on Halloween, you know that artfully applied stage makeup can mean the difference between a prize-winning costume and an honorable mention. There are so many things you can do with stage makeup: create a ghoulish glow, simulate a Frankenstein monster’s neck stitches, or raise witch’s warts where before there were none. You can achieve all of these effects (plus many more) with 3-D makeup products like blood, latex, and prosthetics.

My favorite part of Halloween has always been the haunted house experience. Whether it’s an amateur’s or a professional’s, I never get tired of the thrills and excitement of seeing all the different characters people come up with. For those who want to put on a haunted house in their own homes, affordable stage makeup is a must. Many professional haunted houses provide makeup kits for their employees to use, but it never hurts to have your own stash of quality stage makeup. (Using a community makeup kit can sometimes lead to less-than-sterile conditions.)

Using clean, hypoallergenic makeup is important if you care about your skin. That’s why it’s a good idea for actors in haunted houses and other productions to keep their own stage makeup kits. There’s nothing wrong with using products from the community kit on occasion, but when you have a lot of people dipping into the same bottles and palettes, bacteria is bound to rear its ugly head. It’s fun to put on scary makeup, but nobody wants to be left with scary skin once the makeup comes off.

A high-quality Halloween or costume shop on the Internet is a terrific source for affordable stage makeup, costumes, and other accessories. You will find that online shops–especially the smaller mom-and-pop organizations–are able to carry a greater variety of high-quality products. Unlike retail chains, individually owned online shops can hand-pick the items they sell and inspect them for quality.

If you’re going to order stage makeup from an online costume shop, you will want to do so well in advance of Halloween. Have you ever seen lines outside of costume shops a day or two before Halloween? If you wait to the last minute to order your theatrical makeup or costumes and accessories, you run the risk of either not receiving your order in time, or finding that what you need is out of stock. Online shops are a bit less likely to run out of items than a regular retail shop, but the closer it gets to Halloween, the greater the chances of items being sold-out.

Stage makeup is used for a lot more than spicing up Halloween costumes. Film students really benefit from the availability of affordable professional makeup. Student filmmakers are always on a tight budget, so finding a wide selection of makeup and makeup artist supplies at discount prices is a huge help. Everything from gothic makeup to character makeup to spirit gum and spirit gum remover is available at a quality online costume and makeup shop.

With the role that music videos play in an artist’s career these days, the image is everything. That’s why many of today’s musicians use stage makeup to create their own unique look. Some of today’s rock bands incorporate gothic makeup and clothes into their presentation, and when they’re just starting out, the cost is a big concern. Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or using stage makeup in other artistic endeavors, don’t skimp on the quality of your supplies–try, instead, to find the best makeup at discount prices.