Meet the Toto Washlet

Bidet lovers in American parts will be happy to hear about the Toto Washlet, a Japan-based invention that allows for bidet attachments to be installed onto the standard porcelain throne.

toto washlet2Four different models are available in the U.S. for costs ranging from just under $900 to over $2,200. Even the base model of this handy little invention takes toilet time to a new height; the least expensive C110 has rear- and front-cleansing options, water pressure and temperature control, and- this is the kicker- a heated seat. What bells and whistles could possibly be added to the $2,200 model? The S400 actually has a warm-air drying feature, an automatic air purifier, an auto-flush option, and much, much more.

Toto Washlet features can even be customized to the customer’s liking.

Some Americans may be wondering, why even “upgrade” to this European luxury? Well, bidet lovers will swear it’s more hygienic and worth the money. And they’re not just commonplace in Europe; plenty of places in Asia and the Middle East take bidets for granted and are grossed out by the prospect of going without it. For many, our bidet-less state is one of the many aspects of culture shock to which immigrants must grow accustomed.

…unless they opt into the Toto Washlet. The Washlet replaces standard American toilet seats and can be used with many different brands. If you’re dying for one and unsure whether or not it will work in your bathroom, check out the manufacturer’s site. It has information regarding what kind of Washout will fit on what kind of toilet, and includes round and elongated shapes that are made to fit one- and two-piece toilets.

toto washlet3The toilet’s parts include the heated seat and lid which attach to your toilet, the water filter and drain that attach behind the unit to supply water to the spray wand, the water supply hose that connects the unit’s water supply port to the water source at the rear of the toilet, the jet spray wand that sits beneath the lid and sprays water upwards on command, and the control panel or remote control, which can be located next to the unit or on the wall depending on the model and allows for users to control when water streams happen as well as the pressure and temperature of the water.

The toilet even has a self-cleaning nozzle; it cleans the wand by passing through a sheet of water as it extends, and then again as it retracts.

For a decent fit, the original toilet must have 1.75 inches of space between its front tank and where the seat bolts would go. There also must be a grounded electrical outlet within 3 feet of the toilet so you can plug it in and enjoy its seat warming features. Installation instructions are included in the unit, so you can try your hand at fitting the thing on yourself or call up the plumber.

On top of its increased functionality, the Toto Washout asserts that its use is actually more environmentally friendly than the use of a standard American toilet. It removes the need for the annual use of 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper by Americans, i.e. it saves 15 million trees. Producing soft ply also uses more than 473 million gallons of water, plus packaging and shipping requires energy as well. TP use is also detrimental to sewer systems.

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