Spice Up Your Haunted House With Stage Makeup

Quality stage makeup isn’t just for theater productions anymore. Some people spend all year dreaming up prize-winning Halloween costumes and for them stage makeup is a key part of their transformations from regular people to fascinating creatures. There are all kinds of affordable makeup lines available at reputable online costume shops. Fake blood, prosthetics, clown

Distributing Quality Beauty Products

With today’s store shelves stocked full of various beauty products, keeping beauty simple can seem like a daunting task. How do you know which products are made from quality ingredients? How do you know which type of cosmetic products suit your needs? If you have entrepreneurial blood running through your veins, you may even be

Get the Look: Wow Brows

2018 has heralded the return of the brow. Long forgotten on the fashion scene, brows are coming back bigger and bolder than ever – claiming their place on catwalks from New York to London, Paris to Milan…. Why? Defined brows have a soft strength to frame the eyes with a quiet confidence. Once you bring