Knowing What Bathroom Upgrade Is Right For You

There is possibly no appliance we use that we have such an intimate and personal relationship as we do with our toilet. A bad toilet means a bad home and there are no two ways about it. No matter where you go, you’re gonna have to, well, go.┬áThere are so many dead ends and frustrations that go into buying a new toilet the task can seem daunting, so I’m happy to inform you that you came to right place, for the most comprehensive toilet guide. In order to get the right toilet you need to consider what makes a toilet superior ? Some think a toilet is just a simple fixture that lets you keep the poop out of your living quarters ? wrong ! a toilet is the catalyst to clean civilization and a vessel that ensures public health and safety. The toilets of today are no joke, and can actually work to save you money. Another thing to consider that is worth its weight more in gold is getting the toilet that is right for your size and height. All to often we settle for a toilet that isn’t suited for use and this can lead to discomfort and even injury. Getting a toilet that is fitted for your specific dimensions is actually a great way to improve your life for not too much money compared to other life style changes.

The most common problems we face as toilet users is some toilets and their lack of flushing power. When you really need a toilet to answer the call it all to often comes up short and you are left with the hastle of rectifying the situation. Most toilets today use about 1.6 gallons per flush, although most that guarantee a flush usually use about 3.5 gallons which is an astronomical amount of water. Luckily some have learned to bridge the gap. The trick is to allow for a higher rate of flow and water pressure to achieve the same quality of flush as some of the high flow toilets can provide for about a 1/10 of the water usage.

The first measurement you need to know when considering where you are going to make the new thrown is refereed to in the industry is the “rough in.” This refers to the distance that exists between your outlet pipe and the wall that’s behind your toilet. This is the distance that exists between your outlet pipe and the wall behind your toilet. Most homes have a standard rough in which is about 12 inches give or take 2 inches. pooOlder homes will likely have a rough in of about 10inches which is to be expected when considering. I know like this sounds like a lot of math, but here’s a little pro tip for your. Measure from the wall, not from an installed baseboard or wooden trim piece because that will affect your measurement and the overall quality of the toilet. Finally if you want to avoid all of this you can just go for the highest end toilet I have reviewed and save some time.

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