In the Press: Bumble and bumble’s NEW Shine Collection

Beauty editor’s across the globe are buzzing about Bumble and bumble new Shine collection – a trio that will help hair sparkle, swish, shimmer and shine on… list of the best shampoo for thinning hair

Bumble and bumble’s product line includes solutions for any hair type, and here’s something for thinning. The shampoo contains palmetto extract, aloe vera gel, spearmint oil, caffeine, vitamin B3, B6, other ingredients meant to normalize blood circulation in your scalp and feed your hair with elements it needs.

Allure Magazine, US

“Bb.Shine Finishing Spray. Most shine sprays don’t do more than give hair a glossy finish, but this one calms frizz and adds definition on the ends, too.”

*The product was featured in the “Editors’ Favorites” page.

June 2018

“Bb.Shine comes as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling spray and can help achieve a messy ‘wet’ look, or the shimmery barrel curls of a movie star on duty.”

May 2 2018

Harper’s Bazaar, US

“Bb.Shine Finishing Spray contains light silicones to keep frizz at bay. Plus, the petite bottle packs easily in your beach bag for glossing touch-ups throughout the day. Mist it on dry hair to gain back luster and give your color a lift.”

May 2018

“The next generation of Bumble’s well-loved shine products, Bb.Shine trio features a shampoo, conditioner and a light-catching Finishing Spray. The glossing mist provides an extra finishing step to help control flyaways while creating a slight, piece-y texture, which we love.”

April 29 2018

“Bumble and Bumble’s new Let It Shine collection, and we’re amazed by the effect it had on our locks. The shampoo and the conditioner spread easily through hair, so each strand is covered with the hydrating sunflower-seed-oil-and-lipid-blend formula. The shine-boosting products are safe to use on color-treated hair and don’t strip away natural oils. Once our hair was dry, we used the Shine On (and On . . . ) Finishing Spray to add even more luster. You can re-apply the glossing mist throughout the day to tame flyaways and keep hair moisturized.”

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