Health Benefits Of Dance Class

Cheerleading and dance class may be a subject of reality television and popular movies but neither of these mediums really examines the benefits of regular dance, particularly the health benefits. Not only are dance and cheer practice fun activities for young people, they also promote self-confidence. Here are a few other benefits to consider.


Regardless of whether you find cheers kind of hokey or twirling on stage a bit prissy, the one thing they both have in common is exercise! Regular practice is required with either of these pursuits, which means regular cardiovascular workouts. Over time, your child will build endurance and stamina!


Have you seen some of the routines these young people do? Along with getting a regular cardio workout, kids also routinely stretch their muscles, which increases flexibility. As a dancer, the goal is to reach a full range of motion for all the major muscle groups.

Getting Ready

Another thing dance, color guard, and cheer squads have in common are the need for proper attire. Color coordinated uniforms are a given but have you given much thought to warm up attire? Comfortable warm-up clothing is essential; after all, you don’t think cheerleaders and dancers practice in their uniforms do you? is a great place to find both team uniforms and warm up wear!

Final Thoughts

Whether you shop or your organization provides uniforms and warm up wear, dancing, cheering and other such organizations provide young people with a social activity that is good for both their physical and emotional health. Regular exercise contributes to better physical health while learning routines contribute to a feeling of accomplishment and well-being! The best of all worlds rolled into one fun activity.

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