Get Real, Get Natural

There are solutions available for all your skin and haircare needs — natural cosmetics, naturally made! Burt’s Bees products are popular with people across the country. For reasons of health, environment, affordability, and, of course, looking good, these high-quality body care products are fabulous for a variety of reasons!

Everyone knows that “you are what you eat.” Harmful substances and cheap additives in foods don’t do anyone any favors. And now, more and more people are realizing that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream just as readily!

Start reading labels – are your cosmetics and creams full of petroleum products, mineral oils, artificial colors and fragrances, and a host of other things you can’t even identify? Remember that your delicate skin, especially on your eyelids and lips, soaks up whatever you put on it. To take care of yourself with confidence, be sure that you’re using the best, all-natural products you can get!

That’s why Burt’s Bees is so popular. Based on a philosophy of simplicity and wholesome nutrition, all of their products not only help you to look great, they also actively nourish your skin and hair with rich vitamins, herbal extracts and botanicals, and natural scents and pigments. Trendy colors in eyeshadow and lipsticks can be achieved just as easily with natural ingredients as with artificial.

From diaper rash ointments for baby to natural facial masks for mom, fun make up gift kits for teenagers and hand balm for dad’s gardening, there are Burt’s Bees products for the whole family. If you already swear by Burt’s Bees lip balm, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are whole product lines beyond. There are more items that you might not be seeing on your supermarket shelf – browse online for detailed information and ingredient lists, as well as great discounts!

When you buy from Burt’s Bees, it’s good to know that they utilize ecologically smart manufacturing methods, preventing pollution and excess packaging waste. This company is also running a campaign to help save pristine woodlands in the Northeast. If buying from environmentally sound companies fits your own philosophy, then you don’t have to look far for good body care products.

America’s growing interest in herbal products is resulting in more and more competition in the natural cosmetics market. Curative substances that come from plants are making a comeback due to the backlash against toxic mainstream products. If you’re committed to healthy body care, we suggest you learn more about the healing properties of plant extracts and natural oils.