Best Rice Cooker in All of The Lands

Some may look at the term high end rice cooker as a kind of oxymoron. However in China a high end brand hit the market last April from the home appliance maker Midea and has created a wave of R&D electric cooker which are made in China and are poised for world domination. To Know what makes the perfect rice is a highly philosophical en devour which aims to get the quality of the thing itself and know above all others that this rice reigns supreme; any pot can cook a bowl of rice, but very few are able to make the perfect bowl of rice, and that is what motivated designer Patrick Lotilla to make the best rice in all of the lands. It took the Philapino national over 3 years of research and over $3 million dollars in research both in the lab and on polls and kitchens, but he says now with a confident grin that he has done it. To most lay men, they cannot tell the difference between a pretty good bowl of rice and an exceptional bowl of rice, and a that’s kind of the point. The fact that this is a high end thing that most people can’t really tell any difference about kind of drives the marketing point home, that what you are buying, more so than anything, is social esteem. adgdfg

“china-made rice cookers are now time tested, their high quality is specially designed for Chinese consumers… the latter have developed different needs in cooking rice, for example, they want the cooker to also make soup, so we have to develop products that can meet their various needs.” says patti.

The general manager of the Chinese based Midea’s consumer electric appliances division, said that in the second half of this year, the sales of a dingfu which induction heating of their rice instead of exceeded 100 million yuan. the rice cooker in american dollars on that scale means its about $460. It all starts with knowing the right appliance for you. 

The stakes have been raised and we are curious as to what will be the next frontier of this rice fad. We can wonder if there will be much of an uptick in their sales considering that this is a product that only most Chinese consumers would actually want. and considering the recent down tick in the Chinese ggeconomy we can assume people tightening up their pants not buying the crazy expensive consumer items they have been in the past. That being the case there will always be the market for the very rich to want the nicest things and who will remain largely unaffected by any economic down turn. And the product is just that, the best. There are very few reviews in the states because as we see not many people would even know where to begin when talking about high end rice, or even what makes a bowl of rice good for that matter. For instance there are several words in chinese that refer to the quality of rice that do not translate into English.

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