Bathrooms: The Heart of Your Home

There is no single space more important to the comfort of your home or that determines the quality of your stay there more so than your bathroom. This is a sacred space and perhaps the most important place when it comes to you coming home and saying, “honey I’m home,” and really meaning it. We all want this to be a really special place, and want it to be an amazing experience, but we often lack the ware with all or, lets face it, the budget to make sure we can make sure our design is clean as well as potent. So what is a guy to do ? Well, that is why you called in the big guns, sit back and take a look at what we have in store for you.

If you have the budget and time to renovate your bathroom this is going to be a big investment because there is a lot of really expensive labors and materials that are going to go into the final product if it is really going to stand out as special. So before you start make your self a wish list of everything you wish would exist in an ideal bathroom and rank them from most important to you to least important to you. Then make a budget of what you are willing to spend in order to make those dreams a reality. After that go down your list and find a range of what you have at each additional thing when going down the list. The idea being is that you will know ahead of time what will make the cut and what will not, and it will give you the best bathroom you can considering your predetermined budget. `If you ever need some good old fashion inspiration when it comes to getting your glam on in the ca-mode then reading up on the latest bathroom trends can really help you get on track in terms of general themes as well as cost estimation and time.

One thing that is really hot right now in your bathroom this last year has been the use of timber and wood patterns within the bathroom. It does seem pretty stupid when you consider the damage that is done to wood from water and the inevitability of moisture in your bathroom, but when it comes to the most soothing material in the world there is no doubt that it is wood. And there is no place that people want to get their chill on more than in their toilet port. So the key is to make sure that the wood is treated to handle it and then treated a little more for safe measure. Another life hack would be the reality that you can get the same affect a lot of the times by getting really convincing wood patterned things for you and your home for not so much money and that is going to make a big difference when you are going over the final budget in the bathroom.

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