A Little Fun for your Morning Routine

In seems like in the past years there has been a kind of general leveling in our culture and the distinctions that constitute the meaningful distinctions in our culture and society at large. There is a general hunger to determine how we can display ourselves as genially unique and special within this context considering we all have the same things and tend to use them the same way. One product that is just reaching the market encapsulates this trend fully and its a funny sign of the times. It is perhaps the culmination of millennial tech hyper irony weird culture and you’ll get it right when you hear the name: the selfie toaster. This is an appliance that indefinably brands its owner’s mug onto images onto a slice of bread. The toaster uses custom heating inserts that can thus craft from a submitted head shot photograph  A subjects entire facial details are thus converted into twin head shot photography systems. The detail is also incredible, it allows you to not only your image, but it is displayed with total shading capabilities and given the variability of bread and its recreation to heat there allows a wide array of corals and hues you can achieve of your face place. Its an all around fun product, its not going to change the world and who knows what will follow but the door is open and people like it, so you can imagine that they are going to be more products like this in the near future. One on the horizon is the ifoam or Ief. We have all seen the intricate art that is displayed at some of the more sheek coffee shops for you when you order a cappuccino or other foamed drink. That is all well and good, but people want that everyday but lack the technical skill or complexity to do so. The Ief is a way to have many programmed imaged and opensource patterns sutured into your drink with ease. You can upload your own images if you choose, but the only problem with this is that you will never be able to have the technical execution to make a convincing face or detailed real life image in this way. When we remember what these images are usually like it makes a lot more sense, well see a pumpkin counterattack in our pumpkin spice mortician or a snowman in our hot cocoa, all of which are pretty simple images, but you are never going to see anything beyond that level of complexity. That said these babies are selling like hotcakes. Which brings me to my next topic: hotcakes. As you can imagine where this next entice is headed there is a platform which allows you to have your customization waffle iron. A start up out of cedar rapids is allowing you to send them an image they then forge into shape for you to make your waffles look like there after. Although the level of detail is great you lake the ability to make more than one image, which is seen by some as a real bummer.

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