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Home Storage Solutions

Today the housing market is running out of control and it seems like we are getting less and less for our dollar when it comes to buying or renting a home. In order to combat this reality we need to either change the way we store our belongings and what is deemed necessary for keeping, or we are going to be in a very clustered and claustrophobic Space Saving Furniture: 19 Small Space Furniture Designsexistence that breeds inefficiency. We often think of this as were losing something or that we are getting ripped off if we consider going small. But the truth is no matter what your situation you can benefit from a more organized and streamlined existence. Not to mention this is becoming extremely fashionable and is the new cool. By going small you can do big things in terms of the comfort and appeal of your home or business. So come along as I show you a few ways you can really step your game up for cheap. Its all about knowing what improvements are right for you and your needs.

  1. The Hide Away Office:

This is a great improvement for multi use space in your home. We often have this fantasy of a home office that is tucked away in its own separate room. This is strange when you consider what is needed for the office of today, which is little more than a computer some desk space and basic office materials. All of this can store neatly in to a drawers. What I would suggest is that you have a Murphy style work surface that folds into the wall, and on the back is a mirror. Therefore, when you are looking at yourself in the mirror and considering yourself and impact on the world, you can in a moments notice pull down the desk and get to work. Plus this is beneficial because it is right in your common space and makes you feel that you do not need to miss out on time with your roommates or partner to get work down, and will probably be more likely to do it then.

Multi-Use Furniture:

This should be at the core of all of your design when considering a small and organized existence. With the differencelkj9 of uses of your rooms coming down to the slightly different arrangement of furniture you should think of making one space into several by allowing your furniture to be modal and changeable.

For instance, you can turn a stairway into a very sleek system of shelves by having a drawer fit into the dead space under each step. the same effect can occur when by accessing the dead space from the side, for a more book shelf feel.

Another cool way to not over purchaser for things is to have a window blind that doubles as a towel rack. This is great for drying as well and allows you to not need to get something that serves only one purpose. Now your power is also a blind.

Finally, consider tables that piece together like Lego’s and are module on two planes. Therefore, you can make any number of combinations to depending on the mood of the moment.