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Problems? Could be the Sump Pump

Say you’ve got some basement flooding problems so you install a sump pump to remedy the situation. You might then develop sump pump problems, because that’s just how life is. There are a number of things that can go wrong with your sump pump, and probably one of them happened if you’re finding that the sump pump has become ineffective at preventing floods. Here’s a list to help you diagnose your sump pump’s problems.

sump pump2You may have a plugged screen. What does that mean? Well first consider that sump pumps have a small scree or opening through which the water flows that allows you avoid flooding. If this screen becomes clogged or blocked, the water won’t flow properly and your basement is likely going to flood.

Alternatively, there could be a switching problem. Switching problems are themselves caused by a variety of issues including that the sump pump’s switch could be lodged against the side of the basin or the basin inside the pump may have itself moved, leaving the switch totally useless. The switch could be debilitated due to debris becoming caught. Just take a look at the switch and see if it’s connected where it should be and if there’s any debris stuck on there.

Now say there’s a frozen sump pump drainage pipe causing you issues. This is likely if you live in ac old climate where the temperature commonly dips below freezing. Check is the drainage pipe outside your house has become frozen and install a stop that redirects the drainage so that the water can eat the house before reaching the frozen drainage pipe if this is indeed your issue.

sump pump3It may be that the whole issue stems from a tripped electrical circuit breaker. All home appliances use energy that traces back to you home’s circuit breaker, and if there’s some kind of short circuit or issue in the flow of electricity in your house, the circuit breaker may end up tripping the circuit in order to avoid an electrical fire. Sump pumps are always located near water, so be sure that the outlet is projected by a ground fault interrupter to avoid this issue.

What if you have a noisy sump pump? That sound that you’re hearing is known as water hammering. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the sump pump, but you can do something about it. You can just install a quieter check valve to reduce the noise all you need.

If there seems to be an issue with your sump pump not covered here, either check your owner’s manual or go online to the sump pump manufacturer’s website and see what troubleshooting processes might be appropriate for you to experiment with. If it’s still unclear and you feel that the issue may be rooted in electrical issues, just bite the bullet and either buy a new sump pump or hire an electrician before you end up taking the thing apart and potentially setting the stage for an electrical short that could do some serious damage to your body.